The Fangirl Financial Plan

I used to maintain a blog called “Fangirling My Finances” where I spent as much time paying attention to my finances as I typically spent paying attention to fandom. Now I just post those kind of things here under the, duh, Finances tag.

Here are the rules I dubbed the Fangirl Financial Plan:

Point One: Budget is canon. Savings is fanon.
Budgets, after all, are fact. Cold, hard, already aired fact. Fanon is what we, the fans, do with the spaces between the canon, all the what-ifs and details they haven’t told us about. Fanon is flexible, too, when it runs up against a change in the canon, just like savings goals will be changed as a budget changes.

Point Two: Debt is evil and must be vanquished.
All the good shows are thinly veiled allegories of the Climactic Battle of Good versus Evil. We have easily identified heroes who we cheer on against the villians. Debt must DIE!

Point Three: Compound interest is sexy omg.
Every good fangirl has a list of their favorite (read: most attractive) characters and actors. They will spend hours debating their relative merits, and even more hours seeking out the best photos and videos of them. Compound interest is just as sexy as Adam Baldwin, yo.

Point Four: OT3 = me/work/401(k) matching contributions.
OT3, or One True Threesome, is me and work and 401(k) matching contributions. Free money is love.

Point Five: This work is not for financial gain.
Ah, the classic disclaimer! Fangirls dedicate large portions of their lives to creating satellite works of their favorite things. Fangirls use the disclaimer to keep the corporate lawyers off their backs. But in my many years as a Fangirl, I’ve learned that creating for the sheer joy of creating and sharing amongst like-minded people is the best thing ever. Therefore, I will never put up ads, I will never shill for a company that’s paid me or provided product to review, and I won’t try to sell you anything.

Unless I get a book deal. Then all bets are off.

1 Response to The Fangirl Financial Plan

  1. GG says:

    I absolutly LOVE your web site… You are hilarious…..and quite gifted.
    I ‘popped’ in looking ofr info about Spiffy’s as I have to head to Vancouver this week end, and someone mentioned it might be a meeting place….
    Thanks for the pic and all your other Fangirl blatherings… 🙂

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