The Cake is A Lie – The Short Explanation

In the video game Portal, the artificial intelligence GLaDOS urges your character on with promises of cake.

Later on in the game, there is graffiti on the wall stating “The cake is a lie.”

And at the end of the game, GLaDOS sings the song “Still Alive” (written by the ever-awesome Jonathan Coulton which, as you expect, discusses the cake some more, as the image of the cake (with a lone candle) sitting oh so lonely in a storage area, appears.

The lyrics are available here, or you can listen to Mr. Coulton (and several hundred Portlanders) sing it in this video.

Why did I create this page? Well, I wanted to explain to someone why the cake is a lie, but I couldn’t find any short explanation on the Internet that didn’t sidetrack into heel springs and weighted companion cubes, so I made one.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Waxeye says:


    my life is a little more complete 😀

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