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This blog is in hibernation.

I’m not sure if it’ll be back, or even if it’ll be in a blog format. I’ve had some other things on my mind and in my life lately. But I was dragged back here because I’ve been getting a … Continue reading

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The Lord is risen, indeed!

Happy Easter! Here, have some irreverence.

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Portland Smoothie

I hereby dub this the Portland Smoothie. Not so much for what’s in it, but for the directions on how to make it. This came out of a fascinating discovery I made this weekend. If you really like pulpy orange … Continue reading

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Football as a Metaphor for Work Ethics in the Americas

The sport that USAdians call ‘football’ (despite the low percentage of the time that feet actually come into contact with the ball) is clearly a metaphor for the corporate management culture of the USA. Wherein nine-tenths of the time on … Continue reading

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Open letter to Barb Anderson from Champlin, MN

Dear Barb Anderson from Champlin, MN: I recently learned of your letter to the editor in the Coon Rapids Herald dated 6/1/2011. This was pointed out to me by a Rolling Stone article which quoted you, but did not provide … Continue reading

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My rage keeps me warm

It seems lately I’m angrier than usual. The world seems to be doing its best to escalate my blood pressure. And I really wonder whyinhell people spend time on Twitter searching for people who have opinions contrary to theirs, and … Continue reading

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What Girl Scout Cookies Mean To Me

Girl Scout cookies mean summer camp. Girl Scout cookies mean arts and crafts. Girl Scout cookies mean learning to work together with people you hatehateHATE. Girl Scout cookies mean Bridging Ceremonies walking across the Golden Gate bridge. Girl Scout cookies … Continue reading

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I made a pretty!

I’ve been knitting a lot lately. It’s not something I ever really did before, because I was a die-hard hooker crocheter, and I still am crocheting, but knitting has some fun stuff. Like the Hitchiker scarf, which is supposed to … Continue reading

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Mesoamerican Archaeology Lesson

This is the Monolito de la Piedra del Sol, sometimes referred to as the ‘Aztec Calendar’. It has a 365-day calendar cycle, a 260-day ritual cycle called tonalpohualli, which form a a 52-year “century”. This is Tortuguero Monument 6. It … Continue reading

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Chag sameach Chanukkah!

Yeah, it’s the 8th night, so here’s Matisyahu on ice.

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