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The First Thing I Ever Cooked

Inspired by a question over at Slashfood, I’m going to tell you the story of the first thing I ever cooked. Oh, the first thing I ever baked was probably a cookie of some sort, out of my mother’s 1970s … Continue reading

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You know you’re obsessed with food when…

Yes, that is a toilet paper cozy designed to look like a sushi roll. I haven’t made it. Yet.

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So, like, I have this food blog…

And every so often, I’ll like, post pictures of like, food I’ve made and stuff. Beneath the cut: Pizza! Beef Stew with Polenta! PRETZELS!

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Thanksgiving Photos

Once again securing my title as the Worst Food Blogger Ever, I realised that I only started taking photos once I’d started in on the wine, so most of the pics are of things like my housemate’s butts.

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I hate food. So. Much.

How much do I hate food?  I’m eating my breakfast croissant with my eyes closed, that’s how much I hate food.  (There’s a half-hour lag between the previous sentence and this one, due to the fact that my Pixie Dust … Continue reading

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I’m cooking a turkey in one week.

It’ll be my first turkey cooked by myself. I’m freaking out. The Housemates are giving me votes of confidence, which mollifies it somewhat. And of course, I’m thinking, traditional stuffing, basting with butter… Just like grandma used to do. I … Continue reading

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Never tell your boss you’re macerating in the kitchenette.

Seriously. You have to explain yourself and he winds up giggling and making you say ‘macerate’ over and over to other people. I just wanted some sweetened blackberries for my Greek yogurt, damnit! Anyway, HI! Feliz Dias de los Muertos! … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chili

Fred Meyers has buffalo meat. My mind is blown. Buffalo Chili Feeds 4 1 lb. buffalo stew meat 3 T olive oil 1 can tomato paste 1 can diced tomatoes, drained 1 can garbanzo beans, drained 1 can kidney beans, … Continue reading

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Cool Skill #26 – Flippin’ Pancakes

Decided I wanted pancakes. Decided I have a digital camera and some time to kill. Decided to share my super-cool pancake flipping technique with you. Update 9-12: Bloody hell, just go to the stupid webpage.

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I like amusing others.

If you were driving past my house this morning at about 7.34 am, I’m pretty sure you were laughing (the guys in the road construction crew sure were). You see, my comb fell out of my purse in the car, … Continue reading

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