I made a pretty!

I’ve been knitting a lot lately. It’s not something I ever really did before, because I was a die-hard hooker crocheter, and I still am crocheting, but knitting has some fun stuff. Like the Hitchiker scarf, which is supposed to have 42 points.

[pause for nerds to chortle]

Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn at point 41. Therefore, this is named One Exit Left.

The strange thing for me has been the response to this pretty thing I made. I’m actually kind of sick of it, because it went from two stitches to DeargodamIdonewiththisrowyet length, but I wore it to work because HI I MADE THINGS!

And as I’m writing this, a coworker walked up behind me and said, “I WANT THAT SCARF”.

I told her, “You can take it off my cold, dead neck. And only if you want to fight my zombified corpse.”

(If you want all the gory details about yarn and needle size and such, click the picture and it’ll take you to the Ravelry project page)

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