Mesoamerican Archaeology Lesson

This is the Monolito de la Piedra del Sol, sometimes referred to as the ‘Aztec Calendar’. It has a 365-day calendar cycle, a 260-day ritual cycle called tonalpohualli, which form a a 52-year “century”.

This is Tortuguero Monument 6. It is a Mayan calendar, one of several that reckoned calendar and ritual dates differently. Each of those glyphs are an individual number. See that smashed bit in the bottom right hand corner?

That smashed bit, where you can’t read the numbers correctly?

That’s what damnfools are trying to scare your money out of you with by saying it predicts the ‘end of the world’.

What’s the fastest way to know you’re dealing with a damnfool?

Well, other than saying OMG THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN 2012!!!, they’re using the Monolito de la Piedra del Sol to illustrate their scare tactics.

(Also if they refer to the Mayans as extinct. My buddy E would like to discuss that with them, but they probably can’t since they likely don’t speak the same Nahuatl (in English that language is called MAYAN) he grew up speaking in the Yucatan*.)

*Which he tries to teach me when we’re both out drinking beer which is why I can only pronounce Nahuatl when tipsy.

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2 Responses to Mesoamerican Archaeology Lesson

  1. michael says:

    Thanks for the images. I always love to see us “modern” people put in our place by truths of ancient (not dead) cultures.

  2. Snarky Lady says:

    I saw a cartoon once where a Mayan man is holding the stone and telling a woman, “I ran out room,” and she says, “That’ll scare the crap out of someone someday.”

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