A rant, with more swearie words than usual

Dear judgemental twat at the grocery store:

Yes, I am buying prewashed, pre-cut up vegetables at the salad bar at New Seasons. Yes, I am fully aware that right over there are the same unwashed, whole vegetables for a lower price. However, it’s worth the extra couple bucks a pound to:

1) not have to wash and cut these fucking things myself, because I don’t have the time or energy* to do so, and
2) not have to buy a giant head/pile/bag of [vegetable] and, because I’m a single person, have three quarters of it rot before I eat it, or half of it rot because I just can’t eat a whole fucking head/pile/bag of [vegetable] without going absolutely batshit.

Now, I am going to very pointedly refrain from looking into your cart and making assumptions about your lifestyle, and I would appreciate it in the future if you would extend me the same courtesy.

Your obscenity spewing correspondent,
Mary Sue

*I’m going to see someone later this month to figure out if I have SAD or if 2011 has just metaphorically punched me in the metaphorical kidneys so hard and often that I don’t have much energy to do anything except come home, sit on my arse, knit, and eat hummus out of the container**.
**Which I scoop up with little crispy bits of prewashed, pre-cut vegetables. And tortilla chips. And sometimes, if I am feeling fancy, pita bread.

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