Review: Nook Color

I bought a Nook Color in April for $250. I wanted a smallish tablet that had WiFi capability but not 3G, because I already spend too much time on the Internet.

I bought it with the theory I was going to root the mofo out to Android Froyo and have a half-price, half sized iPad-equivalent. I had played around with the iPad a lot, both in a store and borrowing a friend’s, and while it was nice, I really hated the lack of Flash compatibility at the time and– really, it weighs a ton. It’s not comfortable for holding for significant lengths of time.

And I chose the Nook Color over the Kindle for three reasons:
1) I hate Amazon and all it stands for. Seriously. They tend to give money to groups that hate people like me.
2) Amazon censors the titles you can get on the Kindle. And they have an annoying habit of deleting books.
3) You can’t play Angry Birds on a Kindle.

The funny thing is, I never got around to rooting it. I use the exact OS that it came with out of the box. I play my Angry Birds, I surf the Internet, I watch the Hulu and the YouTube when I’m in range of a friendly router.

But what I use it mostly for is an eReader.

I know. I’m as surprised as anyone. I really love being able to carry so many books on it for my ever so irksome daily one to three hours spent on Trimet (depending on the day of the week and what the hell is going on construction-wise in the SoWhat). Not that I have given up on hard copy books (as the good folks at Powells will tell you). Actually, since April, I have spent less than $25 on eBooks.

Two reasons for this are because you can check out free eBooks from the Multnomah County Library, and every single fanfic uploaded to the Archive of Our Own can be downloaded in EPUB format. I used to go to the trouble to download every book to my desktop, then painstakingly transfer to the Nook. Then I realized– THE NOOK HAS A WEB BROWSER AND CAN DOWNLOAD THINGS FROM THE INTERNET THAT WAY!

This morning, as I was grabbing my Nook and my stupidphone from the bedside chargers, I realised that I was holding in my hands the equivalent of the PADD from Star Trek.

Holy crap, I’m living in the future and I didn’t even notice!

They announced today that the new Nook Color’s got some fancy whingading whosiewhats HD bla bla faster processor bla bla bla. The version of my Nook Color is dropping to $200.

Just sayin’, is all.

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