A Survey of Portland’s Womens’ Restrooms

This post is alternately titled, Everywhere I Went Today.

Pastini Pastaworks City Center: Clean, well maintained and appointed facilities. Bonus points for one ladies’ restroom and one unisex restroom. However, two toilets for such a large place seems like there would be serious lines. A-

Lloyd Center Mall Food Court: Always a line, and despite what seems to be dedicated cleaning staff, you’re always gambling that the stall you get will be fully stocked with supplies. C

Shigezo: One tiny room for the ladies, with one stall wedged in and no room for the inevitable line. Very clean, though. B

Rialto: My compatriot in shenanigans, based on experience with the mens’ facilities, told me I used the restrooms here at my own risk. However, the facilities were fairly clean and very well stocked, even if it didn’t smell all that great. B-

Beauty Bar: I took time before dropping trou to peruse the extensive and epic graffiti offerings. Two were of particular note; the one that said “[Name] did cocaine here” and the one that said “We totally had sex here! xo” caused me to put down twice as many seat protectors in an attempt to touch as few surfaces as possible. Thank God they were well stocked in the seat protector department. D-

Captain Ankeny’s Well: Two unisex cubicles offer sitting and standing facilities for those who can choose their method of micturation. Scrupulous cleanliness, even late in the evening, is a testament to a well run place of business. The only complaint? That the air freshener was a little strong, causing me to sneeze. A

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