A Different Kind of Emergency Kit

September brings with it many awesome things: Labor Day, Back to School sales (I love me a new notebook), wonderful weather, and of course, the Fortnight of Awesome that culminates in the Celebration of my Birth and Annual Leveling Up.

The other thing it brings, and this has been true since I was a child, is my first illness of the fall. Something about the weather changing, all the little disease vectors– I mean, children heading off to school to pass around new and exciting germs, and the fact I ride public transit to my gig at a hospital means I am going to get sick at some point this month.

Which means I have to check my other emergency kit. Not the one that’s for fire, earthquake, tornado, or zombies, the one that’s for when I’m too sick to do more than stumble to the kitchen and turn on the kettle.

Unlike disaster emergency kits, my illness ‘kit’ is stored in a couple places around the house. I’ve got the nighttime cold meds and Kleenex in the bedroom, the daytime cold meds in the medicine cabinet, and the Theraflu in the kitchen with the coffeeohmygod. In the back of the freezer I keep a couple containers of homemade soup, there’s a bottle of ginger ale in the pantry, and in the fridge I keep some ramen and saltines.

These are my comfort foods, and bonus! They’re easy to make when you’re feeling like death warmed over and there’s no one around to coddle you. The problem is that they’re my comfort foods, and they’re easy to make when I’m too cranky/tired/rushed/lazy to cook.

Time to make a list, I think. The back of my throat feels kinda scratchy.

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