Portland Boys, We Are Here

Just wanted to drop this picture from the Oregonian gigapan of last night’s AMAZING game here for your general amusement. It’s not until I see pictures of my self that I’m reminded– I really am rather ridiculously short.

(Yes, I am standing up. Yes, I don’t usually think of myself as short. But hey, those two tall guys kept me from getting a face full of wet nylon flag during the victory celebrations, so yay being short!)

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2 Responses to Portland Boys, We Are Here

  1. Robyn - Tee says:

    I have those moments too, although having a tall husband keeps me in check!

    That poor baby behind you doesn’t look very happy!

  2. Sorcha says:

    Rose City Till I Die!

    (I am jonesing for one of the goalie jerseys so that I can have it customized with Gleeson’s name and number.)

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