Things I will judge you harshly for doing

– Using Comic Sans and/or wallpapers and/or emoticons and/or netspeak in your professional email. Actually, I’ll judge you if you do that in your non-professional emails, too, but REALLY if you do it in your professional emails.

– Watching reality TV.

– Refusing to tip.

– Talking poorly about your significant other on the cell phone in a public place (buses are public places, people).

– Explaining to me that because I don’t believe in telling other people what to believe, I’m not a Christian (I get this from atheists and folks of other faiths every so often, but mostly from other Christians. I usually pull a muscle ’cause I’ve rolled my eyes so hard).

– Bringing PBR and/or Two Buck Chuck to a party.

– Sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth.

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