Review: Black Cat Cafe Interstate

Do you like:

+ Pinball
+ Good coffee
+ $2 drafts and $3 wells, all day, every day
+ Free pool
+ Fantastic sandwiches that utilize either hummus and/or pesto and/or salmon
+ A big TV over the bar with the volume down
+ The Black Cat Cafe on NE Alberta
+ a bar within stumbling distance of my apartment

If you answered yes to (almost) any of these*, you need to haul ass to the Black Cat Cafe’s newest outpost on N Interstate and Shaver. It’s directly across the street from The Alibi, two blocks north of the Overlook Park Yellow Line MAX station. It’s like I designed a bar** specifically for me***

*If you answered ‘yes’ to “a bar within stumbling distance of Mary Sue’s apartment”, I’m going to freakin’ hit your ass with a restraining order, yo.
** but I didn’t design it.
***It’s ok, you’re allowed there, too.

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