Stop freaking out; do something

A lot of people I know are freaking out over the real life disaster porn coming out of Japan.

I find it deeply annoying, but then again, I’m also counting myself lucky that all my friends and their families in Japan are safe.

What is REALLY annoying is when someone who’s freaking out at me about OMGREACTORTIDALWAVEANDAFTERSHOCKS finds out that, yeah, I’ve got people I care about in a country I love like a second home, and they get upset that I don’t want to sit there and freak out with them.

First of all, my freaking out is not going to do a single thing to help anyone in Japan, not even my friends. Following the sievert count like it’s the stock market and passing half-baked information on radiation around could, actually, potentially, harm people. There are experts in radiation and radiation safety out there, I’m going to listen to them rather than some yayhoo on an Internet posting forum.

Plus, I already knew that bananas, like most foods, are naturally radioactive. That’s not why I don’t eat them (I just don’t like the texture).

Secondly, I’m not looking at the disaster in Japan, or New Zealand, or Pakistan, or even Haiti as a far-off spectator. I’m looking at them as warnings. This could happen any second, anywhere on the Earth, even if you think you’re somewhere safe from plate tectonics.

Hell, they thought Mount Saint Helens was an EXTINCT volcano.

…did I make you freak out more by reminding you about the fact disaster could hit you at any second?

Stop freaking out. Do something to prepare yourself and your home for disaster.

If you’re brand spanking new to this, I suggest the Red Cross Disaster Preparedness site, which has three easy steps to get you started: Get a kit, make a plan, and be informed.

If you’ve got sort of a kit and something of a plan and you’re informed, it’s time to check that kit and make sure everything’s still in there, and that your plan is up to date now that you’ve moved, and that your information is updated now that your emergency contact’s changed their phone number for the SEVENTH time this decade.

And if you think you’re prepared for any eventuality, oh, man. You are so not. Go ahead, if you don’t believe me, start reading some of the preparedness forums at Zombie Squad. Heck, just read this article from ZombieWiki about Get-Home and Bug-Out Bags, and this article of suggested gear for said bags. Of course, as with everything on the Internet, your mileage may vary, buyer beware, I don’t have a car, why would I carry car registration?

And for God’s sake, turn off the news feeds. They want to keep you scared so you’ll stay tuned in and they can sell you the fine products of their sponsors. Don’t sit there freaking out– DO SOMETHING.

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2 Responses to Stop freaking out; do something

  1. Grotusque says:

    That’s pretty good advice. Well said.

  2. KAte says:

    It really bugs me when people freak out for the sake of it. (To be fair I understand that some people have brain chemistry issues, ect.) I watch people flip out with a combination of irritation and befuddlement. People always say to me, “Oh you’re so calm, why aren’t you freaking out?” Because me freaking can’t change anything. I choose to do things that can actually make a difference.

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