Paul: My most anticipated movie event of the year!

Why have I been anticipating this movie since, oh, August 2009?

Because, yeah, it’s probably going to be funny and amazing and there’s an explosion bla bla bla… Oh, yes, it has one of the hottest men on the planet in it!

That’s right, kids. NICK FROST.

Serious, hardcore crush on this man. So handsome, so funny, so, I’m going to stop now before my fangirl squee goes to 11. Yes, I have a type. He pretty much is the pinnacle of that type.

(We’ll discuss my type in women when Eureka comes back on the air)

Anyway, if you’re looking for me on Friday, well, look in the movie theater.

Edited 3/29/11: Well, I’ve seen Paul twice now, and from my observation of theatergoers, it’s a very funny movie, but if you’re a nerd? The kind who’s got a significant number of science fiction films of the last two decades memorized? IT’S ABSO-LUTELY HI-LARIOUS.

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One Response to Paul: My most anticipated movie event of the year!

  1. KAte says:

    We will be seeing it too!
    Did you see Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on Top Gear a few weeks ago?

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