This is my rageface. It’s the same as my normal face.

I have a bookmark list of YouTube videos in a file folder named “Bad Day”.

It’s all videos that make me happy and keep me from setting things on fire or sourcing claymores or quitting and making a living as a mercenary, a la Deadpool. All things I’ve thought about doing this week.

Most of them are fanvids, where people cut up favorite TV shows and movies and put it to music. Which helps introduce me to music other than what I’d usually listen to (Neil Diamond!) and, you know, makes me happy. When I find a song that makes me happy, no matter the genre (Neil Diamond is too a genre!) I will go out and buy it.

Today’s been a tough day. So I clicked on the folder and loaded up the vid that has been guaranteed to make me happy and less ragefacey.

“This video contains content from WMG, who as blocked it on copyright grounds.”

I could, of course, write a clear and levelheaded post about how copyright fair use applies to transformative works such as fanvids and such takedown notices are bogus.

Shuck that fit. Anyone know where I can pick me up a red and black unitard, and a couple of pouch-belts?

Edit 3/30/2011 – So, I am about ready to set the world on fire and rule as Queen in the ruins and ashes, and click on the link for my favorite fanvid that was taken down and prompted this little rant… AND IT’S BACK! YAY!

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