The Women’s Restroom at Ground Kontrol

I went to Ground Kontrol’s Grand Re-Opening last night. Overall, I am a fan. There are some things that are clearly still being installed/finished (such as the sound system), but the general facelift and the thematic lighting are quite good. The new lounge area is really excellent, and my tired feet loved the cushy poofs to sit on and the lighted tables to set my beer on.

However, I would like to address the women’s restroom. To give you some context, here’s a couple of photos I took of Ground Kontrol’s women’s restroom in January 2009. They were like this before then, and they were pretty much like this up until the renovation.

In this image, if you look closely, you can see that there is a stack of extra chairs being stored in the women’s restroom. I also would like to point out the excellent 1970s tile.

If my memory serves me (and it may not be serving totally correctly, I mean, I only ever visited the restroom after, you know, visiting the bar several times), in the past 3 years, this center stall never had a door, and often had Danger/Caution tape over it.

Unfortunately tonight, I only had my camera phone, so I apologize for the quality of the photos. I do have to admit, the Ms. Pac Man mosaic in the bathroom tile is amazing. And the bathroom sink that changes color? Very cool. What’s a little annoying is that the bathroom sink? Is the main source of light in the mostly-black-tile bathroom. It wasn’t just dim, it was grope your way around dark. This may be something that will be fixed in the next few days, though, so it’s not a major quibble. It is why I don’t have any photos of the mosaic… stupid cameraphone with no flash.

The following photo has been oversaturated to highlight the tape and warning sign on the center stall door. That’s right, the center stall in the women’s restroom is STILL out of order. Honestly, though, that made me laugh. The more things change, et cetera.

What really irked me was that over that very cool sink, there was no large mirror. The lighter grey squares in this next photo? Are 3×3 mirrored tiles. It’s very hard to see your hair in the dim light in these tiny mirrors.

There is a floor-to-ceiling mirror located on the endcap right next to the hand dryer, but it’s easy to miss and hard to stand in front of (because, you know, the hand dryer’s RIGHT THERE).

Another woman was in the restroom at the same time I was, taking photos of the Ms. Pac Man mosaic (seriously, it’s pretty amazing). After I found the endcap mirror, I turned to her and said, “This bathroom was clearly designed by a man.”

She laughed and said, “I thought that as soon as I saw there was no mirror over the sink.”

Update: one of the owners of Ground Kontrol’s responded in the comments.

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2 Responses to The Women’s Restroom at Ground Kontrol

  1. Clay says:

    Thanks for the review! Yep, we’re still tweaking things. 🙂 The bathroom lighting can actually be *much* brighter, but we’re trying to get it dialed in somewhere between “cave” and “surface of the sun”. We’ll brighten it up.

    The center stall being out *is* pretty funny. This time though the failure is minor– it’s the smallest stall and our big two-roll TP dispenser made it *really* cramped, so we picked up a single roll dispenser instead and ran out of time to install it! We’ll get that up in the next couple days.

    The mirrors… That was a bit of a compromise. Our old mirrors were tagged really, really badly over time, so our interior designers (the gals over at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design) ran with our request to make the mirrors more graffiti resistant (and they kept with our ‘pacman’ theme with the ‘dots’ for mirrors). Maybe for the women’s restroom we should make the mirrors larger. Something else for the “to-do list”.

    Thanks for coming out– hope you didn’t have to wait in line too long!

    -Clay (one of Ground Kontrol’s owners)

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