Haters to the left

Been told in a couple of fora this week that anyone can tell if someone’s unhealthy just by looking at them.

Oh my GOSH, if this is true, they’re going to shut the medical school down and they won’t need me to buy all those really expensive machines to diagnose disease and measure people’s health! I’M GOING TO BE OUT OF A JOB!

What those commenters really meant was if you ‘look fat‘, you’re unhealthy and going to omg die of the exploding deathfat. Any second now. Come on, fatty, die already, we’ve got places to be, we can’t sit around waiting for you to die, get on with the dying already.

Of course, my response to that?

(Strut, bb, strut! Work it! Work it fierce!)

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One Response to Haters to the left

  1. JessB says:

    I followed a comment of yours back here. I’m so glad I did!

    I think I love you…

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