I’ve been in my all-by-myself, no-roommates-whoopie! apartment for a year yesterday.

I love my apartment. I really do. Even when I complain about Creepy Stare-y Neighbor Dude and Clompy McStompsalot and the fact the recycling bin is right under my bedroom window so I frequently am awakened by folks sorting through it.

It’s my own place. With my own art on the wall and my own things strewn about liberally.

The one thing that I need to get more awesome at, and it’s even being tracked on the Awesomeosity Index is doing the dishes.

I’ve lived in places with automatic dishwashers for 29 of my 31 years. The year previously where I didn’t have a dishwasher, I had a vegan roommate/landlord who didn’t want meat cooked in the house, so I ate out a LOT and was shamed into washing the few dishes I did dirty quickly.

I have no roommates. No reason to do the dishes quickly.

I knew this would be a problem, so I only have three plates and three bowls, plus a few pots and pans. And my beloved Crockpot.

All of which are dirty right now, in a teetering pile in the sink.

Which means, of course, I’m just staying out of the kitchen. I had hummus and crackers last night for dinner. Sandwich for lunch. Things that don’t require me sucking it up and washing dishes.

So, tonight I’ve planned to make vegetarian haggis. Partially because it’s Burns Night, partially because I want to say, “Hey, look! I made vegetarian haggis!”

And partially because I’ll need to wash several of the items in the sink to make it.

Might as well wash the rest while I’m there.

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