You’re sitting pretty! You have three months of living expenses in savings.
Next level at six months.
Previous Achievement: Fluffy Cushion (having $1000 in savings)

I translate personal finance into terms I understand. Just because they’re gamer nerd references doesn’t mean they don’t work.

A coworker wandered by while I was doing a victory dance, and asked about how I budgeted. I did a screen cap of my current list of accounts for her. I share it with you now, to show off my awesomeosity and my nerdosity in one handy JPEG.

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One Response to ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED : Bronze Cushion

  1. Heather says:

    Congrats! Growing a bit of savings in this economy feels like swimming against the tide. The economy sucks! Everybody panic! Wait, why are she swimming in that direction?

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