Portlandia — the show, not the statue

I first heard about Portlandia in an article that was also talking about Life, Unexpected. I don’t remember what the article itself was about (probably how Portland was getting too big for its goatee or something), but I remember feeling uneasy.

A sketch comedy show? About PORTLAND?!? What… how… why? No one knows about us! No one cares! Do you know how many times a day I have to explain to a vendor on the phone WHERE Oregon is located*?

Then I promptly forgot about it until the “Dream of the 90s is Alive in Portland” video hit the Intertubes last week. If you haven’t seen it yet, here you go, you lucky devil.

I was having a drink with a friend in a sports bar on New Year’s Day when this video came up in conversation. Our first thing was to giggle about how it was funny, and how many people we recognized in the video. That lead to the discussion of how small Portland really is, ‘putting a bird on something and calling it art’, and that inevitably segued into Queen Bee purses and how badly I wanted one a few years ago.

On my noontime walk today, I was thinking about that conversation and realised, you know why “The Dream of the 90s Is Alive In Portland” is so funny?

Because on New Year’s Day, I was sitting in a sports bar talking with a guy about high fashion purses.

And that’s NORMAL.

I really kind of want to see Portlandia — the show, not the statue— when it premieres on January 21st.

Too bad I’m one of THOSE Portlanders who doesn’t own a TV.

(And yes, Dave, I know that the Portland premiere of Portlandia is on January 14th at the Hollywood Theater, but unfortunately I’ve already made plans for that night.)

*You don’t want to know. And it’s always pronounced Ore-GONE by these vendors. Never Ory-GUN.

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