Ice, Ice, Baby

I wandered over to Fire on the Mountain’s 6th anniversary yesterday, and encountered some ice on Going Street.

For a day or so after the rain, there’s a huge puddle there. And it’s the off ramp for all the UPS and FedEx trucks going to Swan Island, so sometimes they drive through the puddle really fast and splash the hell out of anyone walking by at 6am headed for the MAX train poor innocent bystanders. It also washes some mud down from the Taco Bell’s landscaping, and that’s where I slipped and did the splits a few weeks ago.

Good news! Even about a decade after I stopped competitive dance, I can still do the splits!

Since the weather’s been so cold, the surface of the puddle froze up, and then a car or truck hit it, cracking the ice and sending water flying, which then also froze.

Needless to say, it was really treacherous on my way home. And the reason the pictures are blurry? My camera batteries were dying and I couldn’t use the flash. Alas. They’re still kind of pretty in a I have no idea what I’m doing when I point and shoot kind of way.

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