Awesomeosity Index 2011

Last year, I made a New Decade Resolution. According to myself, a New Decade Resolution is a New Year’s Resolution with “more cowbell and more epicness and a unicorn or two and probably? GLITTER. Because glitter makes everything better (except vampires. Yeah, I went there)!”

And then twelve months rolled awesomely by, and I realized I had been quite awesome, but how could I measure my awesomeosity appropriately?


I took Chris Guillebeau’s concept of an Annual Review and awesomed it up appropriately. Figured out what I’d been awesome at, came up with some things I wanted to be even more awesome in 2011, and developed metrics to measure exactly how awesome I am.

Here’s a small corner of the spreadsheet (you don’t get to see all the goals, SHHHHH! Some are sekrit.)

Look at that. Three days and I’m already .01% more awesome than I was last week!

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