Holiday Ale Festival Day 2

Volunteer: Hi!
Moi: I’m looking for Lost Glove.
Volunteer: Found it! *pours* Having a good time?
Moi: I’m almost done. The crowd’s getting to me.
Volunteer: How long have you been here?
Moi: About half an hour.

The crowds were significantly larger at the Holiday Ale Fest on Thursday night, and full of more jerkfaces than Wednesday night.

See, I have a pet peeve. It really annoys me when you talk trash about other people in public. ESPECIALLY if it’s about your partner or ex-partner. REALLY ESPECIALLY if it’s punctuated with awful words like ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’.

There were several parts of the tent where, floating over the conversations of others, were expletive laden rants about the converser’s partner, or former partner. It was in really, really, ridiculously poor taste. Between all the trash talking and the considerable number of people who thought that the best place to hang out and show off Facebook pictures was at the taps, I only spent 45 minutes at the Fest.

Anyway, on to the beers. I did get a taster of the Jubel 2000 and it was big and bold and not really anything to write home about.

North the Fourth, the one made with candy canes and spruce and cranberries? It’s wierd. Really, really, really wierd. Like, taste some if you’re curious, but it’s wierd, dude.

The first taster of the entire fest that made me stop and go, “Oh, wow, this is something I’d like to drink again and again” was Papa Noel’s Moonlight Reserve. A deep, rich flavor full of lovely malts and just the littlest hit of bourbon on the finish, but it doesn’t linger.

I also really liked the Lost Glove. It’s hoppier than anything I’ve tasted yet this year, but it’s more approachable than anything in an IPA class. Really good.

I’m going to skip tonight and get there early on Saturday. I’m hoping the early start and Civil War game will let me get through my remaining scrip and must-taste beers before it gets too wild.

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