Holiday Ale Festival Day 1

In the past, I’ve held off on attending the Holiday Ale Festival until Sunday. That’s because in the past few years, I’ve had tickets to the Belgian Beer & Brunch on Sunday.

This year, I decided against the Belgian Beer & Brunch for two reasons:

1) Because I would skip the rest of the Fest and try to squeeze in all the high-test beers on Sunday, the Monday after the Fest was a painful exercise in responsibility, and

2) $50 after ticket price and fees was a little too steep for my wallet, given my Super-Sekrit Plans for my trip home for Christmas this year (first time in three years OMG YAY!)

So I’m regular ol’ rabble, trying to figure out how to keep my wristband on for five days straight and resist the Nut Joy booth, which is pumping out its cinnamon-sugar fragrance all over the Fest tents. My plan as it stands is to go after work for an hour or so Wednesday through Friday, then early Saturday and maybe after church on Sunday. Sunday is also the St. Nicholas Day party at St. David of Wales, and I’ve signed up to help clean up, so I have to be able to fold tables by 6pm, so…

ANYWAY! Tonight’s beer tastings:

From what I witnessed and drank, the Moore Holiday Ale is the lightest in the Fest, so don’t save it for last. Like I did. Start off with it. It has a good, smooth drinkability.

I think the award for the sweetest beer at the Fest (well, so far) is Scaldis Noel from Brasserie Dubuisson in Belgium. It tastes like candy with some hops thrown in, and it’s in the Sky Bar, which was crowded, but with no line. You just have to brave the rickety stairs. And by the way, how awesome is the map printed on the mug? A little awesome.

I’m not fond of Belgians, and run like woah away from them, but somehow wound up with a taster of Franc’ly Brewdolph and it.. wasn’t bad. It was sweet with a spicy finish, and just a little bit of that Belgian funk, enough to make it interesting but not enough to make it gagging.

It’s the first night of Hanukkah, and I got in line for the Jewbelation Blend from Schmaltz Brewing behind a guy who said it was probably the best beer of the Fest. I’m not sure about that, but it sure as heck was a) strong, and b) boozy.

Finally, the La Nina Coffee Porter tastes just like espresso. Don’t drink it like espresso. That is what lead me to stopping at Taco Bell.

It tasted good, and I regret nothing!

Will I post tomorrow? Maybe. Don’t hold your breath, though.

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