Open Letter to Katie

Katie is a first grader who is being bullied by kids at school for wearing glasses and being adopted and, oh yeah, because she loves Star Wars and according to them, “Star Wars is just for boys”.

Dear Katie,
First of all, your mom is awesome and I want to know where she shops, because I want one. I’d carry it to work every day and the boys I work with would be super-jealous.

Much like the boys you go to school with.

Being picked on because you’re different is not fun. I was picked on when I was your age, too, because I was different. I liked things that people told me were ‘boy’ things and I shouldn’t like because I was a girl. It took me a long time to be able to tell those people, “This is what I like, and if you don’t like it also, too bad.”

Star Wars isn’t just for boys or just for girls. It’s for people who like adventure and imagination. You’re one of those people, Katie.

Take your Star Wars water bottle to school. And if someone tries to pick on you for it, say, “I don’t pick on you because of what you like, why are you picking on me?” They may continue to tease you, but just keep saying it over and over.

And know you’ve got lots of other people, both boys and girls, here to support you. Starting with your mom, and extending out across the Internet to cover the whole world.

Rock on, my Star Wars loving sister!
Mary Sue

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