The Most Dangerous Thing For My Budget

The most dangerous thing for my budget is not the comic shop, or new restaurants opening, or weekend trips to Chicago.

The most dangerous thing for my budget is spreadsheets.

I came to this realization as I was tinkering with my Bill Tracking spreadsheet. This is the first time I’ve had to pay all the bills for my living space by myself, so I had no idea the cost and I guessed high.

Now that I’ve got 9 months of data, I spent some time playing with it. Figuring out how much I could remove from the money I put aside for bills every paycheck and throw in with my long-term savings (which goes into a Certificate of Deposit).

Then I went to my Master Budget spreadsheet and lowered my bills amount appropriately.

Then I went to my bank account to transfer some money for something else, and went, “Oh, hell, I forgot to include my gym membership and water bills in the bills spreadsheet!”

So glad I caught that BEFORE tomorrow’s payday.

NEW RULE! Only allowed to mess around with the Master Budget spreadsheet every six weeks!

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