My Life in Novels

2002 – Beyond Caring
2003 – Real Men Love Jesus
2004 – The Five Granddaughters
2005 – Ronin’s Sword
2006 – Sunshine Cafe
2007 – The Kid & Jake
2008 – Untitled Sequel to Ronin’s Sword
2009 – Woman of the Whispering Wind
2010 – A Critical Analysis of the Social Habits of Douchebags (tentative title)

That’s right, kids. 30 days until National Novel Writing Month begins. I’ve signed on for my ninth attempt.

After nine go-rounds, it’s not so much an event, but a lifestyle choice. October rolls around and the plot bunnies jump on my behind and won’t let go. My wardrobe is almost entirely NaNo related (if only they did shoes!) as is my coffee mug collection.

If you’re new to NaNo, or just thinking about maybe participating, I wrote an article in 2004 called NaNoWriMo Tips and Tricks; or Shut It and WRITE!

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