In Which I Get Political

So. This happened.

One of the major hazards of politics is that the closer we get to Election Day, the more politicians seek to boil down their platforms down into memorable sound bites, and in the process, they can get downright insulting. That’s the case with a mailer sent out by Maryland State Senator Nancy King, which depicts three kids reading comic books as the terrifying consequence of a failed education system.

Chris Simms and Dean Trippe do a very well-reasoned and evenhanded response to the advert, Chris even pointing out (emphasis his),

That’s not a picture of kids languishing from a lack of education; that is literally a picture of children reading.

I’m glad both those gentlemen took the high road, and wrote very articulate responses. Because the response I want to make is to send Senator King a photo of me, seated under my framed Master’s Degree in Education, reading Blue Beetle #26, flipping her off.

(And that poor boy in the back, stuck reading Previews! Previews is like, a catalog, it lists all the new comics coming out! Get him a copy of Bone, stat!)

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