Did Mary Sue Like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World?


What, you want more?

SPvTW is based on a comic book that had a lot of videogame references about a guy battling the seven exes of his current girlfriend. Therefore, I hereby declare this movie to be a geek’s answer to romantic comedy.

If you’re familiar with the comic, it helps fill in a lot of the gaps that had to be cut for time. If not, prepare to be confused about:
The star on the door
Who the Twins are
Who Kinves’ friend is
Why I’m not leaving the theater as the credits roll

An amazing cast pulled of a fantastic adaptation, that while it didn’t follow the source material slavishly, it still managed to kept the heart, soul, and +5 awesome of the comics. Ellen Wong is going to be an actor to watch in the next decade. I bet she does amazing things.

And now, a note on Kieran Culkin: Holy crap, he stole every scene he was in. Admittedly, that was partially due to the character he played, Wallace Wells, being all awesome and snarky and stuff. But he pulled it off amazingly.

The theater laughed a lot, and I was right there with them. However, one thing stuck out like way woah ew yuck. I can’t say much about the context, but the line that made my inner record player needle scratch was, “Well, now I’m bi-furious”. Seriously? What kind of a bullshit line is that? Who came up with that, someone’s 10 year old nephew? Ugh. It’s awful.

(Didn’t help much either that as I left the theater I spotted an Eat Pray Love advertisement that said, “You don’t need a man, you need a champion”. I immediately said in utter disgust, “I don’t need either. I’m a self-rescuing princess.”)

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