Computers don’t understand compound names

Anyone subscribe to Daily Dose?

It’s kind of fun, they send you an email every day with the review of a book by a customer.

The customer who did the review then has 24 hours to claim their prize, a $20 gift certificate. And if they don’t claim it? It rolls over into tomorrow’s prize.

Sorry, whomever’s-review-is-chosen-tomorrow. The “Mary from Portland, OR” in today’s Daily Dose about Feed by Mira Grant is actually Mary Sue.

I AM A WINNAR! And I already spent my gift certificate. Muahaha.

What I said:

“Georgia and Shaun Mason are bloggers, and they are invited to ride along with one of the candidates for the Presidency. They’ve found more news than they can handle — a conspiracy to cover the cause of the infection….This is a well-written, tightly plotted mystery and political thriller… that just happens to include zombies. Like all great speculative fiction, it shows us a world that could be ours, except that one little thing (like, you know, ZOMBIES) shifted the balance of society and power. Its fast pace keeps you turning pages, and immerses you in the lives of these young journalists who have unwittingly stumbled upon the biggest story of their lives.”

(P.S., good book, you should read)

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