A Brief Update From My Corner of the World

– I had to leave the Oregon Brewer’s Festival two weekends ago early, due to what turned out to be a violent viral flu-bug that made my life a living hell for three days.

– Homework sucks. Homework sucks even more when you have a master’s degree in education and spend most of your time looking at the assignments saying to yourself, “I don’t understand the instructor’s objectives and standards in this assignment, and I think the instructor just completely failed to come up with any procedures at all to provide the students with the ability to complete this.”

– No, I haven’t run 10,000 volts of electricity through a watermelon. But watching this video, I REALLY WANT TO.

– Work is interesting and exciting. Both of which are bad things for it to be when you work in healthcare supply chain logistics.

PAX Prime begins in 31 days. I have begun prepping myself for the gaming nerd extravaganza, by breaking in a new pair of tennis shoes and leveling my go-to Pokemon.

– I have learned how to play Rick Astley’s “Never Going to Give You Up” on my ukulele. Which means I am now capable of adding a Rickroll to almost any song. I promise to only use my powers for EVIL.

– ‘Cooking’ lately has been eating nachos straight off the toaster oven cookie sheet. Now that I actually own dishes (bought someone’s wedding china at Goodwill for $8), I expect that to change. Slightly. As in, I’ll now be eating nachos off of someone’s wedding china.

– Oh, and I went to the Davis Street Tavern for happy hour last week. Go early, it gets crowded, don’t buy beer, it’s ridiculously expensive and they don’t even pretend, they serve it in glasses, not even cheater pints! But do have the BBQ Pork sandwich. Om nom nom.

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  1. Robyn says:

    Ha! The rickrolled thing made me, literally, laugh out loud. The husband and the small boy looked at me funny!

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