OBF 2010 Pregame Strategy Session

Got my spreadsheet all ready. As you can see, there’s 30 of the 80 regular beers I’m interested in tasting. I’ve got a brand new 33 Beers and I’m ready to fill it up with tasting notes.

We are NOT having a repeat of last year’s embarrassment. I’m pacing myself this time, spreading my tasting out over all four days, so I actually can, you know, taste the beers instead of panicking about getting them all in and then having to have a little sit-down before I fell down…

My list is light on the saisons and Belgian-ish styles, because frankly, I hate them. I, myself, was surprised at the number of fruit beers that made my list, but I think that’s due to the sense memory of how freakin’ hot and gross it was last year, and how poorly those heavy, dark beers sat in my stomach.

Last year’s original plan (which, like all battle plans, didn’t survive contact with the enemy) was to drink from darkest to lightest. This year, I’m debating sorting by IBUs.

And, as always, I’ll be leaving Saturday afternoon when I get sick of the crowds and heading for the Horse Brass.

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