I’m now one of THOSE people

You know the kind. The kind who get a little too much into beer and wine and decide they have to make their own.

Specifically, I have a one gallon Crystal Springs water bottle under my bathroom sink, fermenting what I hope will turn into a batch of Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead.

And as I’m cheap and didn’t want to invest a lot in something I wasn’t sure I would ever use again, I don’t have a water airlock. No, much like in this setup, I’ve got a balloon with a pinhole poked in it.

It’s all sorts of low tech and trashy. I adore it. Every morning I open the bathroom sink cabinet and check on the tiny bubbles.

The little yeastie beasties are my pets. Like sea monkeys! Except with a much more delicious ending.

By the way, this video has absolutely nothing to do with moonshine homebrewing. I just thought it was hilarious. If your workplace has issues with very fit young men dancing in speedos, this video would be NSFW.

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