Quick look at my current budget

For those who might be interested (I’m figuring those holdovers from my old Personal Finance blog), here’s the categories of my current budget and percentage of each biweekly paycheck.

Savings/Tuition, 5.6%
Bills, 23.9%
Christmas, 1.8%
Rent, 25.4%
Books, 1.5%
Car, 2.2%
Travel, 9.5%
Sonic Screwdriver Fund*, 2.3%
Allowance**, 16.3%
Clothes, 1.5%

*Sonic Screwdriver Fund is what I call the money I put aside for those days when I get a severe case of the “OOH! SHINY! WANT!”s. Most recently exercised in the purchase of an Ok Go live concert recording on a flash drive. I love that band.

**I spent many years getting paid weekly, and I liked the way it made me plan things like grocery trips and how much I’m eating out. So now I pay myself a certain amount weekly, and use that money for groceries, eating out, comics, and other incidentals.

Yes, it doesn’t add up to 100%. If you can’t guess why, you don’t need to know.

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