Movie Review: The A Team

For those of you who haven’t noticed or forgotten, the mini-bio in the left hand column there ends with “I really like being me.”

I really, really do. It’s a lot of fun. Especially when there’s movies like The A Team, which were pretty much tailor made for me, and others like me (such as my BFitWWW, who went with me to see it).

Because when I saw this trailer in January? I was all, “There’s a plane that blows up and then a tank falls out of it and they use the tank to shoot down the UAV that shot the plane down? I AM SO THERE.”

Honestly? If that was the only good part of the movie, I would have felt it was entirely worth the entry fee.

The good news? That is not the only good part of the movie. That is like, oh, the 4th best part of the movie.

The even better news? The second best part of the movie is the plot. Yes, this is that rare species, an action movie with a good plot. Unlike its cousins, the action sequences (and there are many, and they are spectacular) are not there to distract you from the poor excuse for the story. The action sequences tie in to the story, and help not only to direct the plot, but to define the characters themselves.

Did I mention the number one best part of the movie? Oh, you know, it’s just the action sequence where we learn why B.A. doesn’t like to fly. Heeeeee. It’s awesome. No, I’m not telling you about it, because you should go see it yourself.

Like, right now.

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