…and the only cure is more ukulele!

Did you know I started playing the ukulele a couple months ago?

Oh, I bet you did. The fact I can’t stop mentioning the darn thing (and keep embedding uke videos) might be a hint.

Uh oh, I feel another embed coming on.

Yeah. So I’m nothing near nowhere as good as that guy.


Funny thing is, I’ve owned a ukulele for like, seven years or so now. I just didn’t play it, because of roommates or fear of failure or something else ridiculous.

And, um, now I own two. Because one of the nice things about ukuleles is that for an initial investment of about $50 and twenty minutes, you can play a whole song.

Not kidding. Go to Portland Music Company on NE Broadway. Or, you know, if you’re not in Portland, find somewhere that sells Makala Dolphins. Because they are cute and have sparkles and sound nice. And have sparkles.

Hug your new ukulele. This is a mandatory step.

Then, read this lesson, and when you’re done with that, this lesson.

Now that you know those two chords, you just have to click here to learn how to play Big Rock Candy Mountain.


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One Response to …and the only cure is more ukulele!

  1. Aunt Becky says:

    That’s wicked cool. No, seriously, it is WAY cool. I’m pretty pumped for you. I wish I could play it!

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