Musical Quandry

I have two ukuleles, a clarinet, and several drum practice pads. Additionally, I can sing, therefore technically I always have a musical instrument with me (and utilize. At work. Often enough that I’ve been asked to refrain from certain songs. Such as Jonathan Coulton’s “Re: Your Brains“.)

And yet, I really, really, REALLY want one of these:

Stylophone. Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

Stylophone. Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

That would be a stylophone. It’s a synthesizer you play with a stylus. I’ve seen them around for a couple years, and the totally awesome Molly Lewis has one and busts it out for the Poker Face cover.

But this video is what really cements my desire for a stylophone.

(Mostly because I can’t pull off a F# on the uke yet, and that and a C# is pretty much all that 9 to 5 is.)

You know, for only $20, it’s pretty much worth it. Where’s my damn debit card and Sonic Screwdriver fund?

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