Adventure Time!

This is Amos. He’s a Zipcar. He took me on my little Adventure on Saturday.

(“Adventure” is my word for what most people call “getting lost”.)

Amos and I headed east (because the coin flip came up tails). I indulged my ADD and pulled over every time I saw something I thought was interesting.

Like the beautiful view of Vista House. Now with more fog!

Where’d I end up?

And I didn’t even get dysentery once!

(By the way, the Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead is one of the best museums I have seen in my life, and some of the best preserved pioneer buildings. Completely worth the $5 admission and the trip, plus the volunteer staff is fantastic. Shout out to Laurie, who basically gave me a guided tour.)

Wandered up the hill to the funnily pronounced Sorosis (Cirrosis) Park, where gorgeous roses, wildflowers, and views of the mountains and river awaited me.

As I had poor luck finding any buffalo to hunt, I went to Clock Tower Ales for lunch. I was very impressed with the beer selection and the atmosphere, but the caesar salad was merely okay.

My next stop was in Hood River, where I completely forgot to take pictures. Probably because I was so busy tasting wine and selecting bottles to bring home with me. The Pines 1832 impressed me with a broad range of wines in the tasting flight, none of which I could find fault in, had beautiful, deep, almost esoteric flavors, and Naked Winery was so busy riding its gimmick they kind of forgot to bring the flavor to the party.

Dinner was at the Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom, and consisted of a wonderful meatball sub and a pint of Farmhouse Ale. Dessert consisted of a scoop of black walnut and a scoop of dark cherry from Mike’s Ice Cream, and some time spent listening to three teenage boys discuss the things that teenage boys discuss when they don’t think anyone else is listening. It was adorable.

Loaded up all my acquisitions into Amos, and only took four wrong turns before I got back on I-84. All-around good adventure.

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