How I’m Beating the Autodialers

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from debt collectors in the last couple years.

All of which have been bogus, as I paid off/resolved all my overdue debt in 2007. Even had a webpage about it.

National Action Financial Services is the latest of the bunch, calling and asking for “Martin”.

Dude, I’ve had this phone number for five years. And ain’t nobody ever confused me with no Martin, ever.

Being the charming people who got sued and fined by the State of New York for unfair collection practices and harassment, they don’t believe me, and they keep calling and calling and calling and calling….

I’ve done all the legal things to get them off my phone (see here for a good, comprehensive how-to), and National Action Financial Services should be receiving a certified letter any day now from me. Until they receive that, though, they are totally allowed to keep calling me.

I have a contact on my phone called “Jackass”. Every time I get a new, unknown number on my phone, I Google to see who it belongs to. If it comes up under National Action Financial Services or any other collection agency, I add that number to the “Jackass” contact.

My “Jackass” contact has a special ringtone. It’s one of those ringtones for kids who want to text in class, you know, the high-pitched one that adults can’t hear? So National Action Financial Services’ autodialers can call their 4-5 times a day, and I don’t know until I go and check my phone.

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