Review: Cafe Yumm

Long ago in the distant past, I stumbled across a recipe for a knockoff of Yumm Sauce. Yumm Sauce is the signature sauce of Cafe Yumm!, a chain of restaurants that started a couple miles down south, in Eugene, OR, that specializes in beans-and-rice bowls. This knockoff sauce become a staple in my fridge.

Well, on June 1st they opened up a new Cafe Yumm! right at the station where I catch the Yellow Line MAX home every day. Of course I had to go right in and see how my knockoff sauce compared.

I ordered the medium Smoky Bowl. Which, when it reached my table, was a smaller portion size than I expected. Ok, whatever, it was only $5.95 ($2 extra to add chicken), moving on… Next issue I ran into? The chipotle chili was very tasty, but it clashed heavily with the citrusy-yeasty flavor of the Yumm Sauce.

Later that evening, I ran into a completely different problem, my intolerance to carrots, which I think were hiding in the chipotle chili. Someone at the table next to me had ordered the Nori Wrap, I think I’m going to try that next time, because it not only looked tasty in all its piled-up-veggie glory, it looked like a lot of fun assembling the little mini-seaweed burritos.

The staff were helpful, polite, and quick (even with a down credit card machine). This is even more impressive considering it was the first day of operations when stuff typically goes all sorts of wrong.

Overall, I think I’m going to find it very hard to not frequently swing in to Cafe Yumm for convenient food that’s also delicious.

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