Quick Review: Ross Island Grocery

I started working in the SoWhat before any of the towers even broke ground. Back in those days, if we rode public transit, to get to a bus stop we had to walk 3/4th of a mile!

Both ways!

Our dining options were limited in those days, also, to either the Spaghetti Factory, or, if you were willing to brave crossing Death Trap Alley Macadam and hiking under the I-5 overpass, to the Ross Island Deli.

For their Club of Love (grilled turkey club sandwich), you’d find me running hell for leather across Macadam, I tell you what. Sandwiches come with a pickle spear and a bag of Tim’s Potato Chips.

Ross Island Grocery & Cafe
3338 Southwest Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97239-4620

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One Response to Quick Review: Ross Island Grocery

  1. Oh, its called SoWhat? That is one strange little world down there. Railroad tracks, vacant lots and old industrial butted up to high rise condos. And a factory, that makes spaghetti. I guess if you build it, they will come. I hope something happens to that area down there. (i secretly want to live in that high-rise)

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