w00tstock 2.1 Vague Recap

Why vague?

Because w00tstock v2.1 was five frakkin’ hours long.

And that’s not counting the hour and a half I spent in line outside, and hour sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start. By getting there so early I was about five rows back, dead center, from the stage.

I doubt I could tell you about everything even if I tried. I’ve spent all day saying to myself, “Wasn’t it funny when—” and “Man, it meant so much when—” and “I can’t believe what was said by—”

Although this may be my favorite version of “Opening Band” ever.

After a couple dozen tries and mistries and deleting a bunch of stuff, all I can say is that it’s very lonely being a nerd out and about in the world. Always having to explain the things that are making you laugh, and finding the right words to make it understood by people who don’t have the same context as you do gets tiring. Even attempting to describe what I did this weekend to my coworkers devolved into, “Well, one of the speakers is a Mythbuster!”

And the coworker’s response, “I think I’ve heard of that show. Is it on MTV?”

Last night was five hours of being with people who get it. Last night was “I don’t know you, but I overheard you talking about something I love, let’s begin talking about Middleman and our love of Mark Sheppard and move on to comics and the new Clash of the Titans and then discuss why the A-Team movie is going to be awesome.”

Last night was watching Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage watching and taking pictures from the wings while they weren’t on stage because they, also, didn’t want to miss a single instant of the show.

Last night was five hours of not being alone.

Thanks to Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, Jason Finn, Matt Fraction, Hank Green, Molly Lewis, B. Frayn Masters, Stephen Tolouse, James Ernest, Mike Selinker, the RiffTrax crew, LoadingReadyRun, and whomever else I forgot for an amazing night.

Anyway, no one’s bothered to post video from last night of Molly singing my favorite song, so here’s some old film of it.

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  1. Erin says:

    I just put my own post about W00tstock up on my blog and we say much of the same thing. 🙂 Wasn’t it awesome to be there?!?

    Also, did you know that your post is linked through the official W00tstock page? That’s so awesome! 🙂

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