Eat Like a Local in Napa: Gott’s Roadside Refresher

I’ve been to a lot of markets all up and down the West Coast. Oxbow Market reminds me of Emeryville. It wants to be Pike Place or the Ferry Building market, but it is too regimental, too wide, too clean.

It’s trying too hard. In my ever so humble opinion.

If you’re just walking in with no foreknowledge, you’d think Taylor’s Gott’s Roadside Refresher was also trying too hard. They changed the name recently, so depending on whom you talk to it’s referred to as Gott’s or Taylor’s, even though the legal name is Gott’s. The interior is industrial without being overwhelmingly sleek, they are proud of their beer and wine selections and the locally sourced ingredients.

It’s a self-serve place, so once you order you get a little box that vibrates and blinks when your food’s ready to pick up at the counter. I went simple, cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, lemonade.

Fries are not included with your burger, so that drives the cost of your lunch up higher than you’re used to paying. But if you think it’s too expensive, In-n-Out is a mile away*.

Then comes the question: Is it worth $3.99 for sweet potato fries, on top of a $7.99 burger? I’d say yes. The fries were pretty close to perfect, with a spice coating that I’m informed was spicier than the one used in St. Helena. It was just enough heat for me. The burger was a fantastically juicy patty with good cheese and crisp lettuce on a lovely, fluffy bun.

I have to take a minute to say how wonderful the outside patio dining area is. We had a lovely spring day to enjoy, but every table has its own heater, with a timer control. It’s not covered, but this is Napa, not Portland, the number of rainy days to contend with are minimal.

As we were leaving, I got a milkshake. I think I even Twittered “This milkshake was not worth $5.99.” Because it wasn’t. I can’t exactly identify what it needed to improve, but it didn’t thrill my tastebuds.

*Have I ever mentioned I hate In-n-Out? I really do. The fries are gross and the burgers are meh.

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  1. Vallie says:

    The milkshake needed more fruit, or chocolate.
    Its Pike Place! No S! Seriously, are you from Napas Valley?

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