So, you’ve seen the movie Kick-Ass…

…and you want to pick up the comic book it was based on.


Seriously, don’t.

That film bears only a vague resemblance to the comic books. As I was explaining to a non-comic-reading person at work who also saw the movie on Friday (albeit coworker and I were in different theaters), “Mark Millar, the guy who wrote the comics? Is whacko-cukoo-insane-in-the-membrane, do-not-leave-minor-female-children-with-him-alone, cross-the-street-and-do-not-make-eye-contact, economy Costco size serving of crazycakes. And it shows in his writing. I read his comics like, ‘AUGH! What is WRONG why is– WHAT? NO! It’s SICK and WRONG! It’s WRONGSICK! Let’s see what happens on the next page— AUGH!'”

Like John Rogers said,

Wow, turns out when you pull the racism, misogyny and nihilism out of a Mark Millar story*, you get a pretty fun movie. […]

*Or, in short, when you pull Mark Millar’s writing out of a Mark Millar story …

Don’t get me wrong, this is not supposed to be a cute and cuddly film, and there is an 11 year old kid in pigtails running around CUTTING THE LEGS OF GROWN MEN OFF WITH ONE SWING, bloodbloodgushgushrealitynonexistent. There’s sexual themes and naughty words and the most gruesome part of the film is my favorite (I don’t like Nicholas Coppola, OK?), but we all know I don’t go to the movies to learn, I go to be entertained. And Kick-Ass is v. v. violently entertaining.

(Personally, the only real downside to the flick for me was some strange, choppy music choices, where the background music would change three times in one 2 minute scene. )

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