Scene from my desk

I’m on the phone, placing an order. The vendor CSR and I are being all professional at each other.

“What is the item number?” Asks the vendor CSR.

I click to the right tab in Oracle and say, “The item number is oh that’s a big spider.”

I push my chair back from the desk and continue, “That’s not the item number, I just have to take care of this, if you could bear with me one second.”

My arachnid cousin is escorted from the top of my desk to underneath a paper cup. The vendor CSR tells me, “I’m sure we could help you order some spiders, if you need them.”

“Thank you,” I insisted as I scootched the chair back up to my desk. “I appear to have more than enough quantity on hand to meet my needs.”

And then we both busted up laughing.

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One Response to Scene from my desk

  1. Aunt Becky says:

    Bwahahahah! Awesome that they had a sense of humor.

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