Grapefruit Ginger Marmelade, take 1

There’s no pictures.

There’s no pictures because it’s not pretty. It’s a dark, ugly shade of brown in the jar. When it spreads, it turns into a pink-orange ickyness.

I thought I did everything right, I spent a good hour elbows deep in four large grapefruits (from two months of Mystery Veg Boxes), peeling away the pith and pulling the juicy bits out from the membrane that seperates the sections. I mixed it with three cups of sugar and two cups of water, and simmered for a very long time, trying to get the stuff to reduce.

I added some peel, but not a lot, and it appears to have dissolved.

When I tasted it about halfway through, it tasted sweet and grapefruity. I thought some ginger would add to the flavor, so in went an inch of finely diced ginger.

Once it had cooled, though, all the sweetness and grapefruit flavor went away.

Now I have a sour, overwhelmingly gingery goop sitting in my fridge.

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