Stuff I Liked at the Stumptown Comic Fest

Which still has one more day (Sunday, April 24th 2010) and if you’ve got nothing else to do tomorrow, you should go!

This is in no particular order. And v. v. long. DEAL WITH IT.

Independent Publishing Resource Center — It’s a member-supported self-publishing community center. And I’m soooo joining.

Everything Monica Gallagher had, I wanted to buy. One day, all issues of Gods & Undergrads and Bonnie N. Collide Nine to Five will be mine. Oh, yes, they will be mine.

The Knights of Nine to Five are also some of my new favoritest.

Sorcery 101 is a web comic about a high school history teacher learning sorcery from a vampire— and out came my wallet and there went my money.

I bought a Helper Robot years ago, which has hung at my desk ever since. It’s a coffee-bringing robot. Now I’ve got a Helper Robot who will make sure my tea is strong enough!

Mei from has a lot of adorable drawings, with robots and penguins, but the one I bought? Was this one!

The Legend of Bold Riley is pretty! I am still kicking myself for not picking up a print or two to hang on my wall.

Amazing Super Powers dot Com— Webcomic. Funny. Clicky!

I bought Susie Cagle’s travel journal comic, “Notes on Conflict because, um, well… I like travel logs, but mostly? I really liked the self-portrait on the cover.

The Band Mates— adorable plush rock ‘n’roll toys. WANT!

Oh, they’re bringing Trek in the Park back. Who’s going to see live action Star Trek with me?

Amelia Altavena is adorable. So’s her art. GO LOOK.

Princess Witch Boy is a fantastic comic. Storm is fantastic. Storm is doing X-Men Tarot readings at the show. Which is also fantastic.

I’m standing at the booth and the gentleman says, “Strangeways: Murder Moon is about cowboys and werewolves, and the next book is about cowboys and vampires” and I kick myself for not having enough money. It’s on my want list.

Scene from another booth: “That’s post-apocalyptic cookbook comic.” Me: *hands over money*

I admit, I bought two comics from Negative Press because they’re both from the series “The Quite Tame Times of Sir Fluffington McKitty” which is probably the best name for a comic EVER.

Sean Lynch and I talked a little bit about traveling in Japan as an American, and doing comics inside an old C++ book. I have a small crush. Just a little one.

Speaking of small crushes, BT Livermore writes funny comics about facial hair. He was rocking a very fetching vest and hat. I think a couple gentlemen in my life are getting this for Winter Gift-Giving Holiday.

The Atrox are cute. Go look.

Smash is a good webcomic. Go read! So’s Wayfarer’s Moon!

I bought two of Susan Tardif’s postcard sized prints and I’m thinking of hanging them over my computer.

Minister Jade is one of my favorite comics ever, but not many people have heard of it. So, now you’ve heard of it and you have no excuse.

Witch Doctor is not only one of my favorite books from the fest, but it’s got the best flyer from the whole fest, a business card that says “Yes! I want to donate my body to sorcery!”

I like Josh Shalek’s work and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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