Beer Review: Red Chair NWPA

Apparently Dechutes sold out of this beer and had to hurry up this year’s release of Twilight Ale, but there were plenty of six packs sitting at the Arbor Lodge New Seasons Market.

So I picked one up.

I’m not getting into the debate over whether Northwest Pale Ale (NWPA) is a valid new shenanigan whoopie beer style blah blah frou frou et cetera. Why? Because I don’t care. Yeah, you heard me.

Verdict: Tasty beer for those who like the flavor of hops without the “HI I HAVE YOUR TONSILS” afterburn of some IPA monsters.

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One Response to Beer Review: Red Chair NWPA

  1. jess says:

    I really like this one, we’ve been picking up a lot of it while we can (because clearly many kegs of homebrew is not enough beer, you know how it is). 🙂

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