A Financial Update

So, for those of you who are kind of new, back in the day I spent about 11 months getting my financial life in order. During those 11 months, I paid off all my credit cards, got on a repayment for defaulted student loans, set a budget, and was unemployed for half of that period.

Yeah, you heard me. I paid off my credit cards while I was on unemployment. I also ate a lot of rice and beans and rarely went out.

Now that I’m much more financially secure (and, you know, taking 11 day vacations to Napa and 8 day vacations to Arizona, which I’ll get around to telling y’all about eventually), I’ve let my spending slip a little (*cough*myownapartment*cough*).

One area I had to rein in with extreme prejudice was buying books. I like to buy used scifi mass market novels… but Powell’s is in Portland. And I can blow through there and do a LOT of damage in less than an hour.

Oh, and the MAX will take me door-to-door from Chez Mon Ewe to Powell’s in about 20 minutes? DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!

How did I fix this? Two ways:

1) If I see on the Interwebs or somewhere a book that I want, I’ve been putting it on my Powell’s Wish List.
2) I opened another ING Savings account, named it “Books”, and shifted money from my Allowance to it every pay period.

And today I looked at it in all its $20 glory, said “WANT BOOKS OMG” and placed my order with Powell’s for five paperbacks.

Moral of the story: Budgets are not fixed in stone and need adjusting on a regular basis.

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